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Task Management Software for IT projects

With Sagilo task management will be a walk in the park. You can easily plan your deliverables, create and assign tasks to your team, collaborate and track progress.

Sagilo not only helps you to foresee any delays but also allows your team members to collaborate amongst themselves.

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For teams of all size

Collaborate with your team

Post comments

Every team member can comment on each task activity; thus encouraging a healthy disussion between team members on every tasks and issues.

Activity feed

Every action on every task is captured. Whether a comment is posted by a team member or status of a task is changed; you can any time get the history of activities performed on any task.

Get notified

Get notified via email every time an action is done by any of your team members. Email alerts help you get updates for your tasks and projects in real time.

Work from anywhere

Whether you are working from office or from the comfort of your home; you can anytime anywhere manage your project. Sagilo is a web based task management software hosted on cloud servers.

Track every minute

Log hours against every task

Do you charge your clients on per hour basis? If yes then you would love how Sagilo helps you track time logged by your developers. Every team member is able to log hours against the task he worked for.

Plan and estimate

Foresee delay in deadlines

Estimate you tasks. And based on hours logged and task status easily predict if your team is going to make it on time. This helps you take appropriate action before the D-day arrives.

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Say bye to Word and Google Docs

Use wiki to create documents and project plans

Still creating documentation files in Word and mails? Well, with our powerful Wiki with WYSIWYG editor you can easily create documents online. Creating docs in our Wiki will allow every team member to get access to it anytime anywhere.

File upload

Not just writing docs but Sagilo allows you to upload your files over our cloud servers. Be it a zip of your codebase or a screen shot of your desktop screen; easily link files to Wiki pages and tasks.

Collaborate easily

Whether writing a project plan or technical specifications for a software; documentation always involves collaboration between team members. That's where Sagilo scores over Word and Emails

Of course it's agile

Kanban View

Sagilo is a complete task management software with support for Agile sprints and Kanban views. Sagilo lets you create Epics, Stories and Tasks. Break up your project into small deliverable sprints and track progress on each sprint. With estimates, logged hours and intuitive charts track progress of your project with ease.

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